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2012-01-29 - 14:51:09 - Filed Under: Demi Lovato

Marcal Mica om fallet av Demi

Mica är en god vän till familjen Lovato. Förvirring om Demi irriterad definitivt tjej som valt att skriva om detta på Twitter:

Demi is NOT the rehab, NOBODY not twittował yesterday on behalf of the Demi is one hundred percent EVERYTHING was Demi. NIC has not been issued, NO ONE is not trying to fool the fans. Everything else is a LIE. You know me, I never would have written if it was not true. I would not lied to you. I'm not here, because the truth must be proven, I'm here because some are called fans need to repent. You do not have the slightest right to accuse anyone of lying, you do not have a right to create a false version of events, that is your opinion. Want to express your opinion? You're welcome! But to talk about it all as if it were true, you'd wiedzili EXACTLY what you say? Let ashamed of people who make up false information about YOUR inspiration, ashamed to let people who go around and broadcast it all. Owning your opinion is one thing, the use of his sentence against his idol and his family is different. It is not called love, it's called hypocrisy. You can choose whether to believe MI or people who have no idea what they say. I swear and I give each of you my word. And now, do with what you want. Have a nice day
- Mica

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