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2013-08-26 - 15:49:03 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"@flatfitty these hats are sick. thanks for the love, everyone please go ahead & check them out #flatfitty"
"In the sun she'll be free indeed"
"watching the legend Jack's En Concert film. mellow man" 

"Cody and Justin's personal training dvd series 1 - @justinstirling"

"sand town"
"mattio @itsmattgraham"
"Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, Shawn Carter"
"couples and art and trees and skies and other things"
"Thanks for all the support on the single #prettybrowneyes, and the album#surfersparadise. This all started a couple years ago with my acoustic guitar & I back home in my Australian bedroom, and already we have come so far. Please keep requesting Pretty Brown Eyes at your local radio station, thanks to you all, my spectacular fans, it's starting to get picked up across the globe. Show your mates, your family & whoever else you'd like. If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy of the Surfers Paradise album please take a listen, and experience the many good vibes and tunes it has to offer. Again, thank you and cheers to our exciting journey thus far and all that the future has to offer. Love ya, CS" 
"Follow your hands as they follow your mind and aye, it all just rolls like a wave"

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