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2013-08-31 - 16:08:50 - Filed Under: Demi Lovato

Demi: Instagram

"Just another day in the office...."
"#Glam @hairbyadir and makeup by @jillpowellglam"
Ps: Demi kommer att spela i showen Glee och dom här bilderna oavnför kommer från inspelningen!
 "Early morning safari with coffee in the Mara.... #heaven"

"This baby boy named Iain broke my heart when I had to say goodbye.. He kept running after me while saying "Bye Demi"

"#SafariSelfieswithElephants emojiemoji"


"My nails match my guitar...  #alittlechipped #dontjudge thanks@stephstonenails for my once perfect nails!! Haha"

 "More beads by the Maasai Mamas!!!! Go support them and get other amazing pieces at" 

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