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2013-07-23 - 21:16:25 - Filed Under: Selena Gomez

Selena: Instagram

"I'm back.... #STARSDANCE"
"Stuck in Neverland forever"
"BEAT #starsdance"
"The Motion"
"Ill be crashing on your couch when the silence gets too loud"
"And all that jazz"
"Guess what... I'm 21. UM, #turnupNOW"
"My cake was... Jack n the box tacos... Yes."
"Safe to say, I'm enjoying this very much ;) THANK YOU for all the bday love! I love you guys so much x"
"emoji "
"Thank you to @bagatellela for an amazing bday!!!! It's a birthday WEEK! #werk#becauseIcan"
Selena har kommit tillbaka till Instagram, vilket jag tycker är bra!

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