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Cody: Instagram

"a-team @itsmattgraham @glennnutley"
"los angeles california afternoons , luca gnecchi ruscone"
"3 days until the book is released! I'll be doing a few signings here and there around the US. go to the stores beforehand to grab a copy of the book and I'll sign for everyone when I arrive! #WelcomeToParadise 7pm, Monday 21st - Barnes and Noble in Paramus, NJ 7pm, Tuesday 22nd - Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL 7pm, Wednesday 23rd - Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL 5pm, Friday 25th - Mall of America, Bloomington, MN 7pm, Monday 28th - Barnes and Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles"
"Bedside! @byrdhair #35mm"
"Checking the sound in NJ at my first book signing/acoustic performance of the week! check my black and white instagram from a few days back for all the dates. peace"
"Welcome To Paradise is in stores today! It took a year to craft it, but 16 years to live it. It'd mean a lot if you went out and grabbed a copy this week. Cheers!#welcometoparadisebook"
"the book signings are becoming so successful that they're in theatres, so grateful for all the love you guys are showing. thank you! next one in Miami today - for more details"

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