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2013-10-29 - 19:01:52 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"The Acoustic Sessions EP available November 19th including 4 cool acoustic versions of my tunes and a beautiful Christmas song for the holidays. Real proud of how this project turned out! Pre-order is up now on along with the track list! check it out. #theacousticsessions"
"Little brother big brother! @tommysimpson5 #gottalovepiggybacksupahill"
"acoustic sessions november 19"
"kick up dust. oh and Long Island, New York I'll be performing and signing copies of my album at Smith Haven Mall near the FYE store tomorrow at 11am!"
"the book #WelcomeToParadise came out in Australia today as well many other spots across the globe. my very first passion came from @superfishss when I was a youngster!"
"Thank you Long Island! love the acoustic mall shows"
"highlight of my day! haha legendary. much love"
"en route to another flight - the fastest life"
"crafting for some 2014 projects"
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