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2014-04-20 - 01:55:18 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"insane night with this bloody hilarious lad, you shut it down tonight mate@martingarrix!!!!!"
"out here supporting our bloke @martingarrix with @scooterbraun"
"came out to that crowd"
"DESERT BOYS. And so the weekend begins.."
"#surfboard music video online now people."
"first day back at it!"
"gday from the young on set. the music video has hit over half a million in 1 day, real proud of this one. thank you @opoceanpacific for supporting my vision.#SURFBOARD."
"new music video just dropped #SURFBOARD"
"haha cruising!! so stoked on the love you're giving the surfboard music video. keep spreading it around! a step forward for me artistically and creatively, but still much to learn as we have a grand journey ahead of us. peace to you unreal angels and gents. love ya mates!!!" 
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Vem kommer göra din kommande design? :D

2014-04-20 @ 13:16:42

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