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2014-02-08 - 23:02:07 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"wanted to share the love this coming valentines day with all of you ladies. check out our new contest online to receive a valentines bouquet from me courtesy of@1800flowers"
"Free and easy. Happy Birthday Mr Marley mate. Inspired by the vibes you shared, and the peace you so gallantly stood for. It was such an honor to work with your son recently. Your legacy is always. #LOVE"
"creating the groove with these great blokes"
"Chillin kickin playin amongst the islands"
"Big brother through it all! oh the memories mate, looking forward to our trips this year emoji@justinstirling"
"My crisp 5'7 Merlot. Stoked out of my mind. So many bloody thank you's mate!!!!!! Best in the biz @haydenshapes"
"Frothin out with Hayden at the custom factory, coolest experience@haydenshapes"
"Salted out"
"'Don't trust a man that don't love his mum.' wise words of big brother@andrew50watt

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