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2014-03-29 - 19:00:03 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"fresh chops for the Kids Choice Awards"

"My brother @Jojowright at KIIS fm in Los Angeles cart surfing to #SURFBOARD!! Yeew hahaha

"Anxiously relaxed, you got #SURFBOARD yet?"

".@allisimpson @tomsimpson been seeing these videos, @greatwolflodge family holiday sounds like a pretty cool idea!"

"Link in bio, much peace and love"
"I be kicking down the doors Jim Morrison"
"Dancing with the Stars, gettin jazzy to #SURFBOARD next Monday."
"#SURFBOARD. visual teaser out online. music video coming soon. link in bio"
"You ready to tune in tonight?" 
Postat av: Anonym

hittade info inför kca kan du lägga upp det? :)

Svar: Tack men jag har redan lagt upp det :)
josefin nordell

2014-03-29 @ 23:26:37

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