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Cody: Surfboard (Video)

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Cody: Instagram

"Byrdhair boys #lookslick #thisaintthe70s"
"yew Surfing Mag swimsuit kicker hosted by my brothas at @byrdhair"
"Hahahaha ma man cruisin at Z100 @inmaxwellshouse #SURFBOARD#saturdaynightonline"
"Ehh #workin"
"make sure you listen to my chat with @MaxwellsHouse @ 11:30p est. on@SaturdayOnline and request #SURFBOARD #CodyOnSNOL"
"Keep on keepin' on"
"new #SURFBOARD visual you gotta check out on YouTube! With a little teaser to the music video (coming soon) at the end" 
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Cody tackar sin flickvän Gigi Hadid för stöd!

17-årige musikern berättade för People mag om att ha flickvänen Gigi Hadid som stöd på Dancing With The Stars.

"Det var fantastiskt," Cody fortsatte. "Jag hade henne, jag hade mina morföräldrar här från Australien, och jag hade hela min familj här. Det är skönt att ha stöd från nära och kära. Jag älskar min familj och självklart min flickvän, så vi hade en bra tid. "

Cody tillade, "Har hon retat mig? Inte nödvändigtvis ... hon är som, "Flytta inte höfterna för mycket framför [Witney]. '"



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Cody anländer till dans studion i Los Angeles (18 Mars)

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Cody: Instagram

"Please head over to and root for me on this seasons Dancing With The Stars, first episode aired tonight! And grab #SURFBOARD on iTunes now! So much love for you guys it's unreal. Peace to ya all on this awesome evening, cheers!!!!!"
"THE NEW SINGLE #SURFBOARD DROPPED ON ITUNES. GO GRAB IT! 'summer lust under summer dusk, she told em girls can't surf with us, salt on her skin left me wanting more, on the shore, she love beach boys like 64' #SURFBOARD"
"DANCING WITH THE STARS PREMIERES TONIGHT 8pm EST, 7 central! Who ya rooting for?! Tune in and vote away ladies and gents! Got a pretty slick performance prepared with ma partner @witneycars@drewfromtv photobomb"
"#SURFBOARD DROPS ON ITUNES TOMORROW! Ladies and gents please repost and tell all your mates to grab a copy! Or grab the discounted PRE-ORDER now if you're keeeeeenn!!!!!!!! 1 DAY"
"San Gabriel Mission"
"Vanity Fair"
"Tuesday. #SURFBOARD, pre-order on iTunes now!"
"A milestone show for myself last night. Just myself and my bandmates, nothing more, all live. Growth is important. Pure passion and good times. Steps towards the future, because the live entertainment aspect of this life is the most important. Really stoked. If you have the opportunity to see a show in the future please come check it out"
"Sound check"
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Cody: Surfboard (Official Audio)

Den finns också ute på Spotify.
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Cody: Bilder från Dancing with the Stars!

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Cody dansar med sin partner Witney - Dancing with the Stars (Video)

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Cody: Instagram

"It's official people! Stoked to be announcing that I'm competing on this seasons 'Dancing With The Stars' with my lovely partner @witneycars. please get involved and root for us! would psyched to have your support and votes ladies and gents. cheeeeers!!!!!"
"Many thanks mate @marcjacobsintl"
"Oscar parties with this champ and other mates! @teddysphotos"
"Finished up the new single today. Really really stoked on the outcome! Unique things being crafted! You'll hear some music in the next few weeks"
"Austin, Texas! Would to love see you there next weekend ladies and blokes!#SXSW"
"Mickey you better watch out mate! @justinstirling"
"Walking on the moon soon @jonbellion @briyunlee14"
"thanks @CalvinKlein for the fresh delivery, lovin #mycalvins"
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Cody & hans flickvän på Vanity Fair Oscar Party i West Hollywood (Igår)

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Cody på Pre-Academy Awards i Los Angeles (27 Februari)

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Cody: Instagram

"Studio today. Cruisey times writing music in the sunshine with my mates from London. Not a bad place to get creative"
"The last known photograph of Dean, the day he passed, fueling the infamous Porsche for the very last time just down the street from my old house. I have stopped on that corner many times without knowing. Timeless, unreal, no one has ever been cooler"
"Coast House"
"Lil @tommysimpson5 pensive during last night's ocean sunset"
"Life soundtrack"
"Rangey baby needs a clean"
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Cody: Instagram

"wanted to share the love this coming valentines day with all of you ladies. check out our new contest online to receive a valentines bouquet from me courtesy of@1800flowers"
"Free and easy. Happy Birthday Mr Marley mate. Inspired by the vibes you shared, and the peace you so gallantly stood for. It was such an honor to work with your son recently. Your legacy is always. #LOVE"
"creating the groove with these great blokes"
"Chillin kickin playin amongst the islands"
"Big brother through it all! oh the memories mate, looking forward to our trips this year emoji@justinstirling"
"My crisp 5'7 Merlot. Stoked out of my mind. So many bloody thank you's mate!!!!!! Best in the biz @haydenshapes"
"Frothin out with Hayden at the custom factory, coolest experience@haydenshapes"
"Salted out"
"'Don't trust a man that don't love his mum.' wise words of big brother@andrew50watt
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Cody - Love ft. Ziggy Marley (Musikvideo)

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Cody: Instagram

"The #AcousticSessions tour has officially come to an end. What an awesome way to wrap it up here in Denver tonight. I'm going to miss these shows dearly. Thanks to each and every one of you who came out and experienced this with me. You sold out every show and we made some preciously unique memories together evening after evening. So much peace and love in these intimate settings with the ladies and gents I love most. Looking forward to doing this all again soon. This is a step towards the future. Some real organic sounds were made these past few weeks and I'm looking forward to translating what I've learnt into some new tunes as I head home to get creative in the studio once again tomorrow. It's gonna be an awesome year, cheers"
"throwback to spending time in the fishing village of Iles Des Saintes, Guadeloupe over the holidays. memorable and humbling experiences. this is life#dosomethingcool"
"had a productive day in the studio earlier this week with my boys@andrew50watt and @kharrari. Khari finding the rhythm for a track we're producing. really looking forward to this years project. tracking live drums and recording vocals analog. this is going to be a big step up! #getfree
"shut down a random Latin karaoke bar at 3 last night in Chicago with my Elvis impersonation. @andrew50watt followed with a legendary cover of U2's With or Without You. Hahaha best memories of my life are made on the road"
"So this was pretty unreal, thanks to the lovely girl who made this for me hah! Mini me. #acousticsessionstourmemories"
"Lazy winter tour days with a head cold watching classic September Sessions in my bunk. A little salt & sunshine would do me some good today"
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Cody: Intervju med Bestfan TV!

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Cody om hans flickvän, Gigi: uppenbarligen är hon väldigt attraktiv

Cody är inte rädd för att tala ut om sin flickvän, Gigi Hadid. I en ny intervju med J-14 Magazine, pratade Cody om Gigi och vad han egentligen tycker om henne.

"Hon (Gigi) verkar bara vara så normal, liksom naturlig. Uppenbarligen är hon väldigt attraktiv, så det hjälper. Och det är bara att skrapa på ytan ... Det var bara hur cool hon skulle vara runt - det är vad som fick mig "

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Cody om Justin: Jag kommer alltid att stå vid honom

Nyligen i en intervju med J-14 Magazine, pratade Cody om Justin och några av de saker som har hänt med honom nyligen. Cody sade att han vet hur svårt det är att vara i allmänhetens ögon och även om han inte kan tala för Justin eftersom de är "väldigt olika människor" han kommer att fortsätta att visa stöd för hans kompis (Justin) tidigare turné. 

"Jag menar, självklart gör alla misstag och grejer och det är svårt eftersom han är framför världen. Han är gör inte något annorlunda än de flesta i hans ålder gör och att de flesta tonåringar gör. Du måste vara medveten om ansvar ibland. Jag har försvarat honom under de senaste två åren och jag kommer definitivt alltid vara vid hans sida."

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Cody uppträder i New York - Acoustic Sessions Tour (21 Januari)

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Cody: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

Om ni undrar så är det Codys röst som är med!
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