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2013-09-15 - 23:11:03 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"and another, welcome to paradise: my journey out october twenty two"
"cruising through cali!"
"Alli and her sneaky photos that usually turn out kinda cool... cool. (engulfed in sweet conversation)"
"where is the surfy surf"
"Arizona cruise" 
"on the run! going to Vegas for 4 hours. #youthontherun"
"excited to be home in my new kitchen. can see the surf from the window. pretty happy so probably gonna eat this fresh pineapple in celebration#dosomethingcool"
"so good to be living by the water again. oh the luxury of being able to walk my local break has been dearly missed. 3ft offshore just down my street! even@allisimpson is giving it a shot! this was taken this morning when we had a tank full of energy. now the sun has set, and 3 surfs & 3 home cooked meals later, today has been a bloody good day. #staysalty"

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