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2014-03-04 - 20:08:42 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"It's official people! Stoked to be announcing that I'm competing on this seasons 'Dancing With The Stars' with my lovely partner @witneycars. please get involved and root for us! would psyched to have your support and votes ladies and gents. cheeeeers!!!!!"
"Many thanks mate @marcjacobsintl"
"Oscar parties with this champ and other mates! @teddysphotos"
"Finished up the new single today. Really really stoked on the outcome! Unique things being crafted! You'll hear some music in the next few weeks"
"Austin, Texas! Would to love see you there next weekend ladies and blokes!#SXSW"
"Mickey you better watch out mate! @justinstirling"
"Walking on the moon soon @jonbellion @briyunlee14"
"thanks @CalvinKlein for the fresh delivery, lovin #mycalvins"

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