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2014-04-08 - 00:04:52 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"stay on my twitter tomorrow for a hilarious behind the scenes clip to the Surfboard music video. it'll get ya psyched!!!"
"PARTNERS IN ART x @itsmattgraham @youngastronaut#SURFBOARDMUSICVIDEO"
"checkin lighting out @stuntmanphotography @youngastronaut"
"discussions with my stylist before we shoot! #SURFBOARD."
"1 in the morning - filming the #SURFBOARD video, check the link to the tune in my bio please angels and gents!!"
"ma babe and partner in art @youngastronaut, this video is going to be mad cool.#SURFBOARD"
"#SURFBOARD video coming soon. @stuntmanphotography"
"yesterday on set. art to be made, @youngastronaut killed it! #SURFBOARDmusic video on it's way! photo by champion @stuntmanphotography"
"behind the scenes.. #SURFBOARD video coming soon. #OPsurfboard@opoceanpacific"

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