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2014-03-24 - 22:26:09 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"Byrdhair boys #lookslick #thisaintthe70s"
"yew Surfing Mag swimsuit kicker hosted by my brothas at @byrdhair"
"Hahahaha ma man cruisin at Z100 @inmaxwellshouse #SURFBOARD#saturdaynightonline"
"Ehh #workin"
"make sure you listen to my chat with @MaxwellsHouse @ 11:30p est. on@SaturdayOnline and request #SURFBOARD #CodyOnSNOL"
"Keep on keepin' on"
"new #SURFBOARD visual you gotta check out on YouTube! With a little teaser to the music video (coming soon) at the end" 

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