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2014-03-31 - 19:52:27 - Filed Under: Cody Simpson

Cody: Instagram

"Thoughts to share. The new music I'm working on happens to be an extraordinary and unique movement forward. Recently, having had some time to myself, it's all pieced together in my mind on the creative and artistic side of things. I almost feel like a new artist and a new young man. The stoke and personal fulfillment is beyond description but obviously can only be completed once the world is able to see also. Currently in the studio, I've been feeling incredibly optimistic and all that's needed is time for myself to grow and be able to show you what I have inside. The album is coming in the summer. Feels like my first one. So much peace and love to ya"

"relaxation with pops by the ocean"

"At Kids Choice yesterday. Thanks for showin love brotha @jaredeng"
"Dancing With The Stars tomorrow night. Tune in to check me jazzin out to#SURFBOARD with @witneycars"
"You're a champ of a fan mate! Ahha @stephxjw"
"good times at Kids Choice! slimed with the mate @austinmahone"
"Kids Choice Awards"

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